Find out more about sprinklers and how they can help to keep your business safe.

Sprinklers are effective in stopping fires from spreading, significantly enhancing fire safety within the home and reducing injury as a result of fire.

Who are they good for?

Most importantly, sprinklers are good for firefighters, when firefighters need to enter burning buildings to search for and rescue people inside, sprinklers can significantly reduce the risks to firefighters.

How does a sprinkler work in a fire?

Sprinklers are attached to a network of pipes filled with water at mains pressure. When they detect heat above a certain level, the sprinklers activate and spray water into the affected room.

If you manage a property and are looking to install sprinklers, it’s important to get the right systems in place. Remember, you will also need to consider other fire safety measures such as fire alarms, fire doors and way finding signage.

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