Barbeques (BBQs) are a fun way to cook outside, but they can easily become dangerous. Follow our advice to have a safe BBQ.

Barbecues (BBQs) are a fun way to cook outside but they can be dangerous and easily get out of control so it’s important to check you’ve taken the right safety measures.

Where to have a BBQ

BBQs are safest when used:

How to have a safe BBQ 

Things to avoid 

Lighting your BBQ

Once your BBQ is lit

Once you’ve finished with your BBQ

Coals and BBQs can stay hot for hours after you have finished cooking. You can cool your BBQ down by using a bucket of water.

If you have used a disposable BBQ, make sure it is cooled before you attempt to move it. Do not put the BBQ or burnt charcoal in your living area, car or tent, when BBQs cool, they release carbon monoxide, which can be deadly.

Always dispose of your BBQ safely and follow the instructions on the packet.

What to do if there’s a fire 

If your BBQ gets out of control, call the fire service immediately by calling 999.

If your clothing catches on fire, remember:

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