What is the fire safety intervention scheme?

Worried about a young person setting fires? If a young person you know shows a fascination with fire or has set fires, our specialist intervention team can help.

Worried about a young person setting fires?

If you’re worried about a child or young person who has set fires, or has a fascination with fires, our free and confidential Fire Safety Intervention Scheme can help.

Why do children and young people set fires?

Children and young people of all ages can display an interest in fire. Those that set fires do so for various reasons which could include; natural curiosity, mimicking parent/carers behaviour or as a way of expressing their feelings for example, emotional distress or anger.

Signs to look out for:

Fire Safety Intervention Scheme:

If a child or young person you know is displaying this type of behaviour, our Fire Safety Intervention Scheme could help.

Book or refer a young person

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Training for staff:

A free webinar or presentation is available for any staff who work with children and young people to recognise fire-setting behaviour and build awareness and understanding of the available intervention and support on offer. We can offer this digitally or face to face and customise it to fit your schedule. To book, contact our Children and Young People (CYP) Team.

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