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Access our resources for children and young people to help them learn how to stay safe.

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Our work involves much more than just fires. We also educate children and young people about water and road safety alongside others so that they can build the skills they need in order to recognise and manage risk in their everyday lives.  

All our resources contain relevant and reliable age-appropriate content which you can use to introduce, consolidate and extend the messaging we deliver through our free educational workshop sessions. Learn more about what we offer and how to book an educational visit.

What is on offer?

Whether you’re a teacher, guardian or work with a youth group, we’ve got a resource for you to help educate your young people.

Interactive online resource for KS1

Interactive Online introduction to Avon Fire & Rescue Service (AF&RS) and Key Stage 1 (KS1) level fire safety messaging.

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Fido’s Fire Fit Challenge

Linked to the KS1 Physical Education (PE) objectives and targeted safety messaging for this age group, learn how to keep yourself safe whilst getting active with our service mascot Fido!

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A digital one-stop shop for free resources related to all aspects of the emergency services.

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Railway safety

It’s important to encourage young people to be aware of the risks associated with railways and how to stay safe. 

Visit the Network Rail website

Carbon monoxide (CO)

Alongside our carbon monoxide advice, you can use the handy Safety Seymour website to help communicate the dangers of CO with your children. 

Visit the Safety Seymour website

Electrical safety

It’s important that children learn what electricity is and how to stay safe in your home. On the below page there are resources for Key Stage 1, 2 and 3 which cover electricity, safety, switches, circuits and more. 

Visit the Switched On Kids website

Fire safety
Frances the firefly, a children’s story about the dangers of fire. You can download the book to find guidance for children about the dangers of fire in a safe and easy to read format.

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