What to do if there’s a fire

If there is a fire, you need to act quickly and calmly. This page gives clear advice on what to do if you discover a fire to help save your life.

Raise the alarm


Stay out and call 999

If you can’t escape

What to do if your clothes catch on fire

If your clothing catches fire, you should follow our tips to extinguish the blaze and protect yourself:

If you see someone else with their clothing alight, help them to stop, drop and roll.

Call 999 and ask for the fire service, and seek urgent medical attention.

Emollient cream 

Emollient creams can build-up in fabrics and lead to devastating outcomes due to increased fire risk.

Find out more about emollient creams and how to stay safe

Check if your home is fire safe

For free advice unique to you and your home, complete the online Home Fire Safety Check.

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