Fire extinguishers

As a Responsible Person, you have a responsibility for the provision of appropriate firefighting equipment - including fire extinguishers - and ensure that it is located correctly and in effective working order. 

There are four main types of fire extinguisher. They have been colour-coded so they can be identified quickly in the event of an emergency.


Water fire extinguishers are red and can be used for Class A fires, i.e. Solids only, such as wood, paper or fabrics. It works by cooling burning material.


CO2 fire extinguishers are black and are suitable for fires involving electricals and Class B liquid fires.

Dry powder

Dry powder extinguishers are blue and are multi-purpose, they can be used for Class A, B and C fires.


Foam fire extinguishers are cream and are more versatile than water. They can be used for Class A and B fires, but is not recommended for fires involving electricity.

Wet chemical

Wet chemical fire extinguishers are specialist and are yellow in colour. They are used for Class F fires including cooking oil or fat fires only.

Safety marks

Fire extinguishers must conform to the appropriate British Standard.

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