Reducing false alarms

If we receive a call from an Alarm Receiving Company (ARC), a response will not be automatically made in most circumstances, an attendance will only be made if a key holder can confirm there is an actual fire.

The following premises will still recieve a response to fire alarms operating once it has been ascertained that there is no response from anybody on site at the time of the call, these include:

All other premises providing sleeping such as private/domestic flats, guest houses, hotels, and houses in multiple occupation (HMO) will be subject to a call challenge procedure.

We have also deemed a number of other property types as high risk. These will receive a response but again this will be after the call challenging procedure has been carried out. These premises are broadly:

Competent persons should be appointed to assist in the investigation of the alarms activation and they should have an understanding of the alarm system and be confident in their ability to carry out the investigation.

You must ensure you have an effective investigation procedure:

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