Dementia Safeguarding Scheme

Learn about our Dementia Safeguarding scheme, how to access it and how it could benefit you and someone with dementia.

What is the Dementia Safeguarding Scheme?

The scheme involves issuing people with memory concerns with a wristband that uses a near field communication chip. These chips store small amounts of information (programmed by staff during a visit) which can only be read with an enabled phone. Basic details such as the name of the person and their next of kin are stored and this can be used by emergency services, health professionals or community members to get the wearer back to safety should they be found whilst lost or confused.

Who can benefit from the scheme? 

The wristband is designed for people with memory issues, whether they have been diagnosed with a medical condition or not. You can access the scheme:

How can I get a wristband?

If you live within our Service area and feel that you or someone you care for would benefit from a wristband, please visit our Home Fire Safety Visits page, request a visit and note that you’d like a dementia band on the form.

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