Tenant’s rights

Every year, people are injured in accidental fires at home, but following simple steps can help keep you safe in rented accommodation. Find out what you and your landlord should do to help prevent fires in your home.

Smoke alarms

Landlords must provide you, the tenant, with smoke alarms, but you are responsible for making sure they continue to work after the initial test.

We advise you to:

If you are a landlord, visit our landlords responsibilities explained page for more information about you legal requirements

Specialist alarms are available if you are hard of hearing or have sight loss.

Read more on our smoke alarms page.

Concerns about the safety of your rented accommodation

If you are worried your landlord is not doing enough to ensure your safety, you should talk to them about your concerns.

If after speaking to your landlord you are not happy with the safety of your home, you can contact your local authority or raise a concern with us.

You should also follow our fire safety at home advice to help keep you, your home and your loved ones safe.

If you live in a flat, there are more risks that you need to be aware of, find out more in High-Rise Buildings.

Complete our free online Home Fire Safety Check for personalised fire safety advice unique to you and your home.

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