Home fire safety

Fires in homes are a significant risk. Follow our safety tips to keep your home safe from fire.

Fires in homes can be devastating, they put lives at risk and can lead to the loss of irreplaceable possessions. Following our safety tips can help keep you and your loved ones stay safe.

Home fire safety advice

Take the Online Home Fire Safety Check

Use the Online Home Fire Safety Check for free personalised advice for your home and lifestyle to keep you safe from fire.

In partnership with SafeLincs, the Online Home Fire Safety Check is a free tool that you can use to access fire safety advice from any digital online device.

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Request a Home Fire Safety Visit

As part of our targeted prevention work, we provide further support to eligible members of our community that may be more at risk of having a fire in their home and therefore need us most. 

We do this in the form of a home fire safety visit, which is a free pre-arranged visit to your home to carry out a fire safety assessment and provide you with advice on how to stay safe from fire.

We assess all requests to ensure we meet the needs of those who are most vulnerable and where we know there is an increased risk of fire, such as those who: 

If you are eligible for a visit, a member of staff will contact you to arrange to visit your home at a time convenient to you. 

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