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Limiting your risk starts with learning about how you can stay safe.

wildfire on grass

What to do if there’s a fire

If there is a fire, you need to act quickly and calmly. This page gives clear advice on what to do if you discover a fire to help save your life.

  • At home

    Follow our advice to help keep you, your home and your loved ones safe.

  • For businesses

    Find out more about fire safety law and how to protect your business, employees and customers safe from fire.

  • For rented accommodation

    If you manage, are a landlord or are a tenant of rented residential accomodation, find out more about the law, your rights and how to stay safe from fire.

  • In the outdoors

    Find out how to keep safe in the outdoors including bonfires, fireworks, in the water and on the road; and what to do if you find a faulty fire hydrant.

  • For children and young people

    Safety advice for children and young people, including: fire safety, water safety, road safety and education.

  • For professionals

    Fire safety advice, guidance and training for professionals.

  • For people with disabilities

    Advice, guidance and support for people with hearing, sight and mobility difficulties, and information on our Dementia Safeguarding Scheme.

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