In the outdoors

Find out how to keep safe in the outdoors including bonfires, fireworks, in the water and on the road; and what to do if you find a faulty fire hydrant.

  • Fire hydrants

    Learn about the use of fire hydrants, how to recognise them, and how to report an issue with them.

  • Road safety

    On the road, it’s everyone’s responsibility to take steps to keep us all safe. Here is our key advice around seatbelts, tiredness, mobile phones, speed and alcohol and drugs to keep you safe when driving or using the road.

  • Water safety

    Learn what to do if you or somebody else falls into water, how you can reduce your risk of drowning and how to respect the water.

  • Barbecues

    Barbeques (BBQs) are a fun way to cook outside, but they can easily become dangerous. Follow our advice to have a safe BBQ.

  • Bonfires

    Bonfires can be a fire risk so we would always recommend considering if it's worth it. If you do decide to have a bonfire, follow our advice on how to have a safe bonfire and what to do if it gets out of control.

  • Camping and caravaning

    Here you’ll find our advice for staying safe from fire when camping and caravanning. This includes staying in tents or caravans and using gas cylinders.

  • Fireworks and sparklers

    It’s always safer to attend professionally organised firework displays. If you decide to use fireworks and sparklers, our advice will help you to stay safe.

  • Sky lanterns

    Sky lanterns can be a fire hazard, here’s how you can reduce your risk of causing harm.

  • Preventing wildfires

    We must make sure we do all we can to protect the countryside. Avon Fire & Rescue Services’ advice on outdoor safety covers wildfires and making sure that you stay safe when enjoying the outdoors.

Boats along a canal

Water safety

Stay safe in and around the water