Our mission, vision and values

Avon Fire & Rescue Service aims to make our communities safer and our service stronger. Find out how.

Our vision

To provide the highest standard and best value Service to the community. We will work closely with and help make our diverse communities safer and healthier, while ensuring our Service is a great place to work, where everyone feels valued and can achieve their full potential.

Our mission

To improve public safety through prevention, protection, response and resilience. Making our communities safer, by being there when we are needed, identifying and reducing risks and improving the quality of life for local people; our staff working together as one to ensure a high-quality, value for money Service which meets the needs of the people we serve.

Our values

Guided by the standards of behaviour captured in our values, we will support our staff to embrace challenges, recognise achievements and live out our values in Making our Communities Safer and exceeding expectations. The public sector expect their emergency services to be there when they need us, but also role model the very best standards of behaviour. When we make decisions and work together, our values are the things we keep in mind every time. They are important to us and are non-negotiable.

Service plan

Explore our Service Plan for a clear roadmap toward a safer and more resilient community. This outlines our strategic aims and objectives, providing insight into our ongoing commitment to our communities.

Read the Service Plan
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