Who we are

Avon Fire & Rescue Service aims to keep communities safe by preventing, protecting and responding to the fire and rescue related risks and needs of our local people.

Avon Fire & Rescue Service (AF&RS) is responsible for providing protection, prevention, response and resilience services to the communities of Bath & North East Somerset, Bristol, North Somerset, and South Gloucestershire. 

Our Service

The Service is home to 21 fire stations, a control centre, and a Headquarters, with a population of 1.17 million and growing, we work hard to understand our diverse population to deliver services tailored to the needs of our communities.

Day to day, the Service is run by the Service Leadership Board, led by Chief Fire Officer Simon Shilton, Director of Corporate Services Angela Feeney and Assistant Chief Fire Officers Richard Welch and Steve Imrie. 

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Mandatory functions and powers (things we must do)

The promotion of fire safety; preparation for fire-fighting; protecting people and property from fires; rescuing people from road traffic collisions and responding to other emergencies such as terrorist attacks.

Regulatory functions and powers (other ways to protect the public)

We are responsible for undertaking fire safety inspections and audits, and on occasion we conduct prosecutions.

Discretionary functions (things we choose to do)

These are services we provide over and above those laid down in law. This includes activities like planning for and delivering rescues from water, the rescue of animals and responding to floods, as well as certain education packages such as home and water safety advice to those most at risk in our communities. Our Service goes above and beyond legislative duties to put the interests of our local communities first in respect of wider public safety; being a role model in what we do, how we interact, and our approach to diversity and inclusion.

Key legislation


AF&RS is overseen by a legally constituted Fire Authority composed of elected local councillors from the former Avon area. This authority is responsible for ensuring compliance with legislative requirements in overseeing the policy and service delivery of the fire and rescue service. 

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