Our service

Find out more about Avon Fire & Rescue Service, who we are, what we do and what our values and goals are.

  • Who we are

    Avon Fire & Rescue Service aims to keep communities safe by preventing, protecting and responding to the fire and rescue related risks and needs of our local people.

  • Our mission, vision and values

    Avon Fire & Rescue Service aims to make our communities safer and our service stronger. Find out how.

  • Our history

    A brief history of Avon Fire & Rescue Services’(AF&RS) evolving role in keeping our communities safe.

  • Service Leadership Board

    The Service Leadership Board has overall responsibility for the organisation’s strategic direction, leadership, decision making, both capital and revenue requirements and risk

  • Equality and diversity

    At Avon Fire & Rescue Service, we celebrate equality and diversity. Our commitment is to create an inclusive environment where every voice is valued and empowers collective success.

  • Environment and sustainability

    Discover more about our commitment to the environment and understand our environmental strategy.