Fireworks and sparklers

It’s always safer to attend professionally organised firework displays. If you decide to use fireworks and sparklers, our advice will help you to stay safe.


Things to do 

Things to avoid 

Fireworks and the law 

You must use fireworks in the correct way, if not, you will be breaking the law. You will be breaking the law if you use fireworks in the following way:

Read more about fireworks and the law on GOV.UK

Disposing of fireworks

Fireworks that have successfully been lit and gone off can be put in a bin once they have cooled down.

If your fireworks have been lit but not fired or are no longer water, submerge them in water for at least 48 hours before putting them in a bag and disposing of them in the bin.


Using sparklers safely 

Sparklers can cause significant burn injuries. To use sparklers safely, follow our advice:

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