Property management

 If you manage a property – including restaurants, care homes, hotels, offices, or something else – read our advice to find our how to keep your property safe from fire.

  • Restaurants, cafés and takeaways

    If you are responsible for a food businesses fire safety – such as a restaurant, cafe or takeaway – there are specific risks and areas of fire safety that you should pay attention to.

  • Rented accommodation

    If you manage, are a landlord or are a tenant of rented residential accommodation, find out more about the law, your rights and how to stay safe from fire.

  • Residential care homes

    If you are responsible for accommodation for older or vulnerable people, follow our advice to protect them from fire.

  • Hotels, B&Bs and holiday lets

    If you are the responsible person for a hotel, B&B or holiday let, you are required to ensure that staff, contractors, guests and anyone on the premises are safe in the event of a fire. You are responsible for ensuring the properties you own are safe and adhere to fire regulations.

  • Office environments

    If you're responsible for an office environment or workplace, there are fire safety measures that you need to take into account.

  • Pubs, bars and clubs

    If you're responsible for licensed premises, including pubs, bars and clubs, there are fire safety measures that you need to take into account.