Pubs, bars and clubs

If you're responsible for licensed premises, including pubs, bars and clubs, there are fire safety measures that you need to take into account.

It’s important to take your responsibilities seriously to ensure people’s lives are not at risk. It’s the law and you could face prosecution if you don’t meet your legal obligations.  

Common fire risks in pubs, bars and clubs

  1. Electrical faults  
  1. Electrical equipment 
  1. Smoking 
  1. Arson 

Fire doors

Fire doors stop the spread of heat and smoke in the event of a fire. Without them, people in the building may not be able to evacuate when necessary due to smoke logging and high temperatures in escape routes.

You must:

  1. Check that fire doors are not being wedged open.
  1. Regularly check door closing devices haven’t been tampered with or become defective.

Emergency plans

An effective emergency plan will help your people know what to do if there is a fire. Do you know how you would safely and quickly evacuate every person in your premises?

It is your responsibility to keep people safe if there is a fire.

You are required by law to make a fire emergency plan, so your people can keep themselves and residents safe in the event of a fire.

Visit our Emergency Planning page for more information and advice.

Emergency planning risks 

One of the most common issues in licensed premises is poor escape planning, this is includes knowing how your customers will escape, how others in the building will escape and fire safety risks. It’s important to consider:

  1. Staff training
  1. Lack of practice of fire drills
  1. Inadequate staffing in an emergency
  1. Difficult escape routes
  1. Escape routes for neighbours

Fire safety advice

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