Fire Control Operators succeed

Control Firefighters successfully completed their two-year course and were presented with certificates by the training team, congratulations!

Last week, six Fire Control Operators successfully completed their two-year long course and were presented with certificates of achievement by the control training team at the Service’s Communication and Control Centre at Lansdown.

The presentation took place following the completion of their final assessments, and the end of the development course. The graduates started their initial 12-week training course back in June 2022 where they learnt about the different types of incidents we attend, how we manage our operational resources, and how to liaise with other services and agencies. The team also spent time on station with operational crews, speaking with them, looking at the different types of appliances we have on stations, and how our firefighters work day-to-day.

“I am immensely proud of our graduates, and the courage and willingness they have showed throughout their training. They have individually dedicated themselves to the course, and I am delighted to see them successfully complete their training and welcome them to AF&RS as Fire Control Operators.

“The role of a Fire Control Operators is both challenging, yet highly rewarding, our graduates will be the voice of calm and reassurance, when someone is in their moment of need. They play an integral role within our organisation ensuring the safety of our communities and dispatching the required resources needed in an emergency situation, and I look forward to working alongside them.”

Station Manager Andrew Kirkby

Alfie Hill, Marianne Ramnath, Tina Thatcher, Harriet Hillman, Billie Ayre, Michelle Roberts have now all passed their two-year probation and final exam and have already proven to be valuable members of the Control team. Based at our Communication and Control centre at Lansdown, they take 999 calls, dispatch the most appropriate fire appliances, officers and equipment based on the type of incident.

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