Fido’s fire fitness challenge

For children of all ages, Fido’s Fire Fitness Challenge will help kids to keep fit and healthy, and learn vital fire safety lessons.

We believe that keeping fit and healthy should be fun and informative. Fido’s Fitness Challenge is designed to help children stay active, learn essential fire safety lessons, and develop a strong foundation for a healthy lifestyle. 

Why choose Fido’s fire fitness challenge?

Active fun for kids 

We understand that kids need to be engaged to stay active. That’s why we’ve created a program that combines physical activity with fun challenges and games. Fido’s fitness routines are designed to be enjoyable for children, ensuring they get moving and stay excited about staying fit. 

Fire Safety Education

Fido the Fire Dog is not just a fitness coach, they’re also a fire safety expert! While taking on the fitness challenge, children will learn crucial fire safety lessons in an interactive and memorable way. They’ll understand the important of testing smoke alarms, escape plans and how to escape in an emergency. 

What’s included in the challenge?

Join Fido’s fitness challenge today!

Help your class or children stay fit, learn essential fire safety skills, and have a blast with Fido the Fire Dog. 

Download Fido’s printable fitness guide and progress record. 

Once you’ve completed the challenge, download Fido’s certificate.  

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