Disability ConfidentAvon Fire & Rescue Service has a range of employment opportunities including Retained Firefighter and support staff posts.


All of our vacancies are listed here.  If there are no vacancies listed, we are not recruiting and regret that we are unable to respond to enquiries about when we will next be recruiting.

Retained duty firefighters


Is it for me?

Why did you want to become a firefighter?

"While at sixth form I lost my sense of direction and ended up in a careers office. A computer suitability test recommended three possible jobs. Air cabin crew and forestry were the first two and I didn’t think I would be any good at forestry. The third suggestion was the fire service. The rest is history." - John Rides, Southmead Fire Station

How hard did you find training school?

"Training school was hard in places. I found the written work the most challenging and adapting to the work hours as I'd never had a job before. As you can guess it could also be quite physically demanding out in the drill yard with hose running and wearing breathing apparatus. The hard work definitely pays off though with your family and friends all coming to your pass-out parade at the end of the 12 weeks and you really do make some great mates - also not many people can say they get paid to practice cutting up cars and putting out fires!" - James Linehan, Firefighter

How was your first day on shift?

"My first day on call was exciting and nerve-racking, a mixture of all emotions." - Sally Evans, Thornbury Fire Station.