Published on 14/02/2024

Spend over £500

On this page you can find links to reports that provide information regarding Avon Fire & Rescue Service’s spending for £500 and over. We publish these records quarterly and in line with the financial year.

In line with Data Protection legislation, payments to individuals, will be replaced as “redacted personal data”.

Where payments are deemed commercially sensitive, the company or supplier name will be replaced with “redacted commercial confidentiality”. Payments to individuals who are trading as a sole trader or as a consultant will be named.

Latest reports

Spend over £500 – quarter 4 2023 (71kB csv)

Spend over £500 – quarter 3 2023 (60kB csv)

Spend over £500 – quarter 2 2023 (66kB csv)

Spend over £500 – quarter 1 2023 (67kB csv)

Previous years

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