Temple Training Tower Mural Unveiled

Avon Fire & Rescue Service (AF&RS) proudly unveil the completion of a mural on Temple Fire Station’s training tower, a striking tribute to the vital work carried out by the Service within the local area.

The project was initiated and funded by Redcliffe & Temple Business Improvement District (BID), a business funded initiative with the vision to develop the area into a vibrant, thriving, sustainable, safe, and welcoming place to enjoy. 

The mural has been created in collaboration with Upfest and painted by talented graffiti artist Hasan Kamil, symbolising the varied work of AF&RS, in his unique style of combining vibrant design with his surroundings. The heart of the mural displays a fire control operator, symbolising the pivotal role of the Fire Control Department in coordinating and dispatching crews to incidents across the Service area. The mural depicts dynamic rope rescues, water rescue capabilities, and responses to road traffic collisions to illustrate the breadth of the Service’s emergency response. It captures the courage and dedication of firefighters committed to ensuring community safety. 

“We’re thrilled to unveil this inspiring mural which showcases a variety of scenarios illustrating our Service’s diverse emergency response capabilities. It pays tribute to our incredible colleagues in the Fire Control Department and all of those who work tirelessly to keep our communities safe.”

Krissy Foster-Pullen, who is featured on the mural and is a Station Manager in the Services’ Fire Control Department

Representing real people from across the Service, the scenes depicted in the mural are inspired by real incidents and training scenarios.  

Graffiti style mural on Temple Fire Stations Training Tower, featuring a control fire operator and firefighter with depictions of real life incidents.

Tom Swithinbank, Project Manager at Redcliffe & Temple BID, said: “We’re so pleased to see our idea delivered with such an amazing mural, delivered so skilfully by Hasan. Our work under the theme of Creating Quality Spaces aims to add colour and life to the Redcliffe and Temple area and this mural has certainly achieved that brief, thank you to Avon Fire and Rescue Service for letting it happen and to Hasan for your talented work.” 

“From all of us at the station, we want to say a huge thank you to Hasan whose creativity and skill have brought this vision to life.” 

Lee Rogers, Station Manager for Temple Fire Station

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