Clothing donations make over £12,000 for charity

Over the course of the past year, clothing donations to textile banks across the AF&RS area have raised a whopping £12,548 for The Fire Fighters Charity.

Over the past year, textiles banks placed across stations within the Service area have successfully diverted over 56 tonnes of unwanted clothes from going to landfill and have helped raise over £12,548 for The Fire Fighters Charity – with the largest amounts being collected at Kingswood, Southmead and Winscombe.

Nationally, textiles recycling has generated £956,000 over the past year alone, collecting an impressive 4,700 tonnes of clothing, re-diverting this away from landfill, and helping to provide an income stream for The Fire Fighters Charity.

How is money raised through textiles banks?

Money is raised through the textiles banks when the items are collected, sorted, graded and all wearable clothing is sold mainly to developing countries. Any textiles that are un-wearable are recycled into items such as industry wipers (which are used by FRSs), car upholstery and ‘base layers’ for hanging baskets for sale at Garden Centres.

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