Spend over £500

Publishing local authority data for expenditure over £500 allows greater financial transparency, greater engagement and greater efficiency by giving the public the chance to look at the information and opportunity for data to be re-used.

On this page you can find links to reports that provide information regarding Avon Fire & Rescue Service’s spending for £500 and over.

In line with Data Protection legislation, payments to individuals, for example staff expenses, will be replaced as “redacted personal data”.

Where payments are deemed commercially sensitive, the company or supplier name will be replaced with “redacted commercial confidentiality”. Payments to individuals who are trading as a sole trader or as a consultant will be named.

Presentation of data

The information within each report is extracted from Bristol City Council’s finance records that process all payments for Avon Fire Authority and Avon Fire & Rescue Service. This information will now be published in a CSV format on a quarterly basis.

This data is free to use under the Open Government Licence and in accordance with the data.gov.uk Code of Conduct

Most recent reports

Here are the spend over £500 reports for the current year. 

View all of our reports here.