Top 10 safety tips during the strike

Firefighter providing safety information to members of the public


We are recommending the following top 10 tips to help people stay safe during the industrial action.

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1. Fit smoke detectors on every level of your home

Fit smoke alarmsSmoke alarms provide you with vital early warning of a fire, giving you and loved ones the time to escape. Check your detectors have batteries and that they are working. Only a working smoke detector will save your life.

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2. Make an escape plan and practice it with all the family

Plan and practice an escape planIn a fire you may have to escape in thick smoke and total darkness. Make sure everyone in your house knows the plan and has practiced it.

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3. Take extra care when cooking, particularly with hot oils

Take care with hot oilsThe majority of fires we attend are caused by accidents in the kitchen. Avoid getting distracted and never leave cooking unattended.

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4. Dispose of cigarettes carefully and don’t smoke in bed

Put cigarettes out properly and safelyCarelessly discarded cigarettes are responsible for most deaths in house fires in the UK. When you have finished smoking, put it out, right out.

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5. Be careful when using candles and tea lights

Be careful with candles and matchesAlways use a suitable holder and blow out any lit candles when you leave the room. Candles can easily set fire to curtains or furniture and tea light metal holders get hot enough to burn the surface they are on.

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6. Make sure matches and lighters are kept away from children

Keep matches out of reach of childrenChildren can be curious about fire and often know where to find matches even if you think they are hidden.

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7. Do your bit to help vulnerable friends, family and neighbours

Testing a smoke alarmSome people may need extra help to stay safe from fire. Your visit could save a life.


8. Reduce the risk of road traffic collisions

Stay safe on the roads

When driving, keep to the speed limit, don’t drink and drive, always wear your seatbelt and make sure your vehicle is properly maintained.

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9. Business owners should check their premises are safe from fire

Business safety during the strikeAs a business owner or manager you have a responsibility for the fire safety of your staff and customers so make sure you check your plans.

Make sure you are aware of your obligations as a business owner

10. Get out, Stay out, Call 999

Get out, stay out, dial 999Don’t try to tackle fires yourself as fires can get out of control very quickly. Leave the building as quickly as possible and call 999.

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Reduce the risk of arson

Wherever possible the exterior of your property should be kept tidy and free from rubbish or garden waste as this can be a potential target to arsonists.

Celebrate Bonfire Night safely

Where possible attend an organised display. If you do decide to celebrate at home always follow the Firework Code.

Do your bit to help vulnerable friends, family and neighbours

Help members of the community stay safeSome people may need extra help to stay safe from fire. Your visit could save a life.