Yate Fire Station hosts Prince’s Trust Get Started Week

Avon Fire & Rescue Service (AF&RS), local gyms and emergency service partners joined The Prince’s Trust to host a week long course for young people at Yate Fire Station.

During the week, five young people from in and around Yate took part in a course aimed at 16-25 year-olds looking to boost their fitness, motivation, confidence and well-being.

The ‘Get Started in Health & Fitness’ course, jointly hosted by AF&RS and The Prince’s Trust provided a week-long programme of fun workouts, finding out more about behind the scenes of a fire station, healthy cooking and an array of educational sessions to increase understanding of a healthy lifestyle as a basis for good mental well-being.

The participants experienced many aspects of life as a firefighter, including:

·       Hose running and hydrant drills

·       Firefighter fitness assessments

·       Yoga and meditation sessions

·       Throwline training and water safety

·       Wellbeing sessions to manage stress

·       A first-aid course

·       Group fitness session from Anytime Fitness Yate

·       Crawl space challenge

The programme, led by AF&RS Children and Young Persons Team proved successful, increasing confidence in attendees and understanding of life as a firefighter.

Meghann Elvin, Children and Young Persons Manager at AF&RS, led the programme, she said: “The young people have worked brilliantly to support and encourage each other to challenge and push themselves. Even after the first two days, they had built a strong team. They remained focused and enthusiastic throughout the week and threw themselves into every activity with determination and good humour – and weren’t afraid to get wet!”

Meghann wanted to give a special thanks to all those involved in producing this programme.