Lorry driver trapped in cab

Willy Wicket Roundabout, Avon Ring Road, Downend

Crews working at the crushed cab of an HGV after a road traffic collisionA driver had a lucky escape when his waste lorry was involved in a three-vehicle collision on the Avon Ring Road in Downend just before 9am today.

His lorry collided with the back of a supermarket HGV, which then collided with a third HGV on the westbound carriageway of the A4174 between the Willy Wicket roundabout and the A4107 Bromley Heath Road.

The front of the waste lorry was embedded in the back of the supermarket vehicle, and the driver of the waste lorry was trapped in his crushed cab.

Five fire engines, from Speedwell, Temple and Avonmouth Fire Stations, attended, together with police and ambulance staff.


The scene of the three vehicle RTCThe scene of a three vehicle rtcThe scene of a three vehicle RTC


It took crews around an hour to disentangle the two lorries, using specialist winching equipment.

They then worked to release the driver from the wreckage.

It is understood he suffered several fractures, but his injuries havenot been described as life threatening.

Nobody else was injured.

Crews were detained at the scene for several hours.