Smoking materials set fire to bedroom

lots of cigarette butts stubbed out in ashCranleigh Court Road, Yate

Smoking materials are thought to have smouldered for several hours, starting a fire in the bedroom of a property.

Two firefighters wearing breathing apparatus tackled the fire in the ground floor flat using a high pressure hose reel. A man in his 40s was suffering from minor smoke inhalation. However, he was not taken to hospital.

It appears the fire started accidentally after smoking materials close to a mattress smouldered and caught light.

Avon Fire & Rescue Service would like to remind people to take care when smoking and always fully extinguish smoking materials after use. Never smoke in bed as it could cause a fire.

The smoke alarm in the property had been removed from the ceiling and did not activate. Avon Fire & Rescue Service would like to remind people to ensure they have working smoke alarms in their homes and never to remove them. Check the battery is working at least once a week.

Smoke alarms provide an early warning sign that a fire has broken out and can give occupants vital extra minutes to escape, especially at night.