Teenagers rescued from RTC

A46 near Dunkirk

Firefighters have rescued two people who were trapped in their vehicle following a road traffic collision.

Crews from Yate and Bath fire stations were called to the incident which involved three vehicles, a Ford Fiesta, a Land Rover and a Vauxhall Corsa. The occupants of the Land Rover and Vauxhall escaped with minor injuries, however two people in the Ford Fiesta were still in their car when crews arrived.

Using hydraulic cutting equipment fire crews removed the offside door of the car, allowing the 17 year old male driver to be removed on a spinal board. It's believed he suffered leg, arm and head injuries in the collision.

The 16 year old female passenger aged who is thought to have suffered less serious injuries in the incident was also assisted from the vehicle by firefighters.

Both were taken to hospital by paramedics.