Barn fire allowed to burn for two days

Old Down Road, Badminton

Multiple crews from across the area were called to a barn fire that was allowed to burn for two days.

Crews from Yate, Avonmouth, Patchway, Temple, Bedminster, Southmead and Hicks Gate fire stations all attended the incident.

On arrival, crews found one barn measuring 30 meters by 20 meters containing 150 tonnes of hay well alight.

Firefighters stopped the spread of fire to nearby buildings using one 45mm jet and one high-pressure hose reel.

A hazardous materials officer also attended the scene due to the roof of the barn being made of white asbestos cement sheeting.

The remaining hay was allowed to burn but continuous checks were made throughout the night, with crews returning for the next two days.

The cause is thought to be deliberate.