Crews tackle fire started by disposable BBQ

Seymour Place, Frampton Cotterell

A fire which damaged a fence, shed and garage is thought to have been started by a disposable barbecue.

Firefighters from Kingswood and Yate fire stations were called to reports of a fire involving a fence at the rear of a property. Once on scene crews found the blaze had spread to include a garden shed and a garage adjoining the house.

Firefighters used a high pressure hose reel and a jet to tackle the fire, preventing it from spreading to the main house.

It’s thought the fire started accidentally after by a disposable barbecue which had been used earlier in the evening. The barbecue had been set up on blocks but it's thought it had been blown or knocked off the blocks after the occupiers had gone to bed. This is believed to have resulted in a wooden table and decking catching fire.

The owner of the property said: "I would like to thank Avon Fire and Rescue for their prompt response and handling of the fire at my property. 

"Never did I think that such damage and destruction could be caused by a disposable BBQ. From when I finished cooking to being notified of the fire was around five hours, and I checked it 22:30hrs before I went to bed and everything seemed fine. 

"I was woken by a neighbour at around 00:00hrs telling me to get out of the property as it was on fire.

"I thought leaving it to burn itself out on its supplied stand, as well as using additional blocks to raise it further off my garden table over a number of hours would be ok. It obviously wasn't. 

"If you do use these type of BBQs please make sure you extinguish them immediately after use. As the slightest breeze can reignite them and tip them over. 

"It is fair to say I have learnt a harsh lesson. I hope others can learn from my bad experience."

If you’re using disposable barbecues please make sure you follow the manufacturer’s guidance.  Care should be taken to not place a barbecue directly onto a surface which could catch fire. Even if the barbecue if on a stand or stone you should ensure coals are fully cooled before leaving a barbecue unattended in case it is knocked or blown over.

Please see the video below for more advice on using disposable barbecues.