Crews tackle kitchen fire

Station Road, Coalpit Heath, South Gloucestershire

A couple in their 60s had a lucky escape after a fire at their bungalow.

When firefighters arrived they found a severe fire in the kitchen at the front of the property.

Using a CO2 extinguisher, fire blanket and a high pressure hose reel, firefighters extinguished the blaze.

Fortunately the couple who live in the property were able to escape unharmed.

It’s thought the fire started accidentally after a deep fat fryer was in use on top of a gas hob which had been left on.

On hearing the smoke alarm the couple left the property, however as the internal doors were left open the bungalow suffered smoke damage throughout.

Avon Fire & Rescue Service would like to remind people never to leave cooking unattended and always turn off any appliances when not in use. If you do have a fire, close all internal doors on the way out to prevent the fire and smoke spreading. Get out, stay out, call 999.