Vaughan Jenkins

Vaughan began his career in the Fire & Rescue Service in 1992, when he joined Gwent Fire Brigade. He later served in South Wales Fire & Rescue Service in a variety of roles across all areas of the Service, he reached the level of Unitary Authority Group Manager in the Operations Management Team before joining Avon Fire & Rescue Service (AF&RS) in 2018.

Upon joining AF&RS, Vaughan took on the role of Area Manager (AM) for Risk Intelligence, before becoming AM Service Delivery Support with responsibility for training, organisational learning and development, risk intelligence, national resilience, resource planning and much more.

In Vaughan’s most recent position as AM Service Transformation Team, he had responsibility of leading the delivery of AF&RS transformation strategy, aimed at developing and/or improving systems, processes, policies and introducing technological advancements across all areas of the Service.

Vaughan was temporarily appointed the role of Temporary Assistant Chief Fire Officer for Service Delivery Support in April 2022.