Mud and tide safety

With the hot weather and summer holidays, Weston-super-Mare receives around 100,000 visitors a day during August, most of which are tourists and unsure about safety issues along the seafront.
Avon Fire & Rescue Service is often called to the beachfront with the Coastguard as visitors don’t fully appreciate the dangers around the mudflats and low tide.
In the hot weather, especially if alcohol is involved, you may try to travel out too far or get caught out by the changing tide.
Firefighters work and train closely with the Coastguard and beach wardens to put them in the best position to act quickly and effectively, but there are things you can do to keep yourself safe.

Top tips while using the beach:

  • Collect a child safety wristband from the Visitor Information Centre or Sovereign Shopping Centre
  • Check for hazards such as tides or currents
  • Consider what could be hidden under the water, such as mud
  • Always read the signs
  • Only swim with friends or family
  • Don’t wade out too far or into unknown areas

What to do if you find yourself in danger:

  • Stay Calm
  • Avoid too much movement
  • Try and spread your weight
  • Shout loudly to attract attention
  • Discourage untrained persons from trying to rescue you
  • Dial 999