Motorcycle safety

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30 motorcyclists are killed or injured ever day at junctions

  • Motorcyclists are 75 times more likely to be killed or seriously injured (KSI) in serious crashes
  • in 2011 362 motorcyclists died and 5,247 were seriously injured in road collisions in Great Britain.
  • Motorcyclist KSIs have fallen since 2008 when 493 motorcyclists were killed and 5,556 were seriously injured on Britain's roads.

The highway code - Rules for motorcyclists

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69% of motorcyle collisions happen at junctions

The campaign was informed by accident statistics, which show that motorists failing to look properly is a factor in half of all accidents where motorcyclists are killed or seriously injured at a junction; and wider research showing that drivers are more likely to notice motorcyclists on the roads if they know a biker themselves.

Advice for motorcyclists

Be sure you:

  • anticipate the actions of others
  • are alert and observant
  • can slow down and stop if the unexpected happens
  • position yourself in the safest and best place to maximise your visibility of potential hazards
  • consider further skills training to improve your performance and safety on the road

Wear the right gear

Tarmac will shred through your jeans in seconds. Wearing the right gear is just as important to your safety as servicing your motorcycle and knowing how to ride it.

Visit the website to learn about safety requirements for helmets.

Advice for drivers

  • Take a little longer looking for bikers when you pull out from a junction.
  • Keep you distance.  Less experienced motorcyclists could be intimidated.
  • Check for bikes before changing lanes.
  • Motorcyclists might pass you on either side.