Mobile phones


It is illegal to use a hand-held mobile phone when driving - including when you are stopped at traffic lights or queuing in traffic.

Research has proven that using a mobile phone while driving is distracting and increases the risk of a crash.

If you are travelling at 30mph and you decide to look down at your mobile phone for just one second you would have travelled a distance of 13 metres (44ft), which is the equivalent of three car lengths.

Research by the road safety charity Brake shows that more than one in three drivers admit to talking on a mobile phone when driving, one in three of these say they do so ‘often’ and more than three-quarters of high-mileage drivers (who drive 40,000 miles per year or more) say they use a mobile phone while driving.

  • Never use a mobile phone or a pager while driving, whether it is a hand-held mobile or a hands-free.
  • Put your phone on message service while driving.
  • Put your phone or pager in the boot or out of sight and reach so you won’t be tempted to answer it while driving.