High rise fire safety

High rise block of flats

Staying safe in high rise flats and apartments

High rise buildings such as blocks of flats and apartments have been designed with fire safety as a priority.  A flat's doors, walls and floors are all designed to stop fire and smoke from spreading to other areas of the building, but this relies on the doors being kept shut and not left open.

Keep keys near your front door, time spent looking for them could risk your life.

Handy tips

  • Keep your doors closed to stop the spread of smoke and fire.
  • Make sure your escape routes are clear and free from obstacles.
  • Install and regularly check smoke alarms.

If you have a fire in your flat or apartment

A working smoke alarm should alert you to the fire.

  • Don't open doors looking for the source of the fire.
  • Alert everyone else and leave the flat, closing the door behind you.
  • Don't try to save personal items, your life is more important.
  • Use only the designated fire escape route and exits for the building.
  • Once you are out of the building and in safety, dial 999 and ask for the Fire Service.
  • Never go back into the building until you have been told it is safe to do so.

If there is a fire somewhere in the block of flats or apartments

  • The safest option may be to remain in your flat with your doors closed.  You can open windows for fresh air and to attract attention to yourself.
  • If your flat becomes affected by smoke or fire leave at once, closing windows and doors behind you.
  • Use only designated escape routes and not lifts.
  • If you have to move through smoke keep as close the the floor as possible where the air will be clearer.

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