Electrical Safety Week

During Electrical Safety week, take the opportunity to check your home and consider the safety of your family.

Grab some useful information about electrical safety and, read about a scary incident that could have resulted in someone losing their home through a faulty freezer in their garage.

It can happen to anyone!

Electrician Andy Warren, from Yate, woke up to the sound of a car tyre exploding and realised his garage was on fire.

He called 999 and Avon Fire & Rescue Service attended to deal with the fire, which started early in the morning.

Once the flames were out he was able to assess the damage to his classic Morris Oxford car and other items in the garage.

Mr Warren said: “The fire was devastating and caused large amounts of damage to the garage, the car and other items being stored there.”

The fire started after a fault with a freezer in the garage.

Mr Warren said: “We have smoke alarms fitted in our home but had never considered fitting them in the garage. I would urge anyone who has electrical appliances in outbuildings and garages to fit a smoke detector to alert them in the event of a blaze.”


Car and garage damaged by faulty fridge fire

Car and garage damaged by faulty fridge fire

Car and garage damaged by faulty fridge fire


Since 2006 AF&RS has attended 370 accidental house fires where the cause has been a fault with an electrical appliance. In 120 cases tumble driers were involved, in 116 fires it was a washing machine at fault, 77 fires were caused by faulty dishwashers, 39 cases involved fridge/freezers and 18 fires were caused by problems with washer-driers.


Are your sockets overloaded?

Socket overload calculatorOverloading your sockets puts an unsafe load on your wiring that can result in overheating and fire.

User this handy calculator to see if your sockets are safe. We think you will be surprised at how little it takes to overload the socket and create a potentially dangerous scenario.

Open the Socket Overload Calculator

Safety check App

Fire safety app

Install this app on your phone or tablet to help you carry out a quick and simple visual check of your home to assess your electrical safety.

Download the app for ios devices

Download for Android devices

Click here to read more about the app.

Find an electrician

Find an electrician

For piece of mind, use this website to find an electrician registered with one of the government-approved schemes.

Click here to visit the Registered Competent Person website.

Product recalls

Use this list to see if you have any appliances that have been recalled because of a safety. Use the search box to look for something specific.


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