Balcony Fire Safety

Balcony fires can be devastating

Balcony fires can be devastating as they can easily spread to adjoining properties, potentially leaving people homeless if the fire is serious enough.

Many balconies have combustible materials as part of their construction and there are often combustible items stored in outside spaces so if a fire starts it can spread quickly.

Another worry is that wind can fan or carry smouldering ignition sources such as cigarettes and embers from barbecues to lower or adjacent balconies.

Balcony safety tips to keep you and you neighbours safe


  • Fix fairy lights to the balcony
  • Use the balcony as a fire pit
  • Never barbecue on your balcony. Embers could carry and set light to your or your neighbours balcony and possessions.
  • It’s better not to smoke at all, but if you do always ensure your cigarette is properly put out and never throw it over the side. It could catch light to possessions on a balcony below or next to yours
  • Never store or set off fireworks on your balcony.
  • Fix additional timber or combustible screening or flooring to the balcony (this includes artificial grass or similar)

Be mindful of

Any type of naked flame and how you dispose of hot materials, either within your apartment or on a balcony.


  • Limit the amount of storage kept on balconies and do not store waste items such as old mattresses and cardboard recycling on the balcony.
  • Report any defects, cracks, damage or other loose materials to management