Halloween Costumes

Whether homemade or bought from a shop, Halloween costumes can be a hazard to your family’s safety.
Follow this simple advice to reduce the risk of ruining your spooky celebrations:
  • Only buy your children costumes and accessories from reputable retailers
  • Ensure any costumes have a CE mark on the label and they are labelled as flame-resistant
  • Avoid costumes with long, trailing parts
  • If you’re making a Halloween costume for your children, do not use flammable materials like bin liners
  • Always keep your children’s costumes away from tea lights, candles and naked flames 

Candles and Lanterns

It is always safer to opt for LED tea lights and candles to light your celebrations and create a spooky atmosphere. Naked flames present many dangers no matter how careful you are. 
However, if you must use real tea lights and candles:
  • Ensure they are securely placed in a correct holder
  • Keep children away from naked flames and don’t let them carry lit candles in a lantern.
  • Make sure real candles are extinguished when leaving a room or when you go to bed and keep decorations, curtains and other flammable materials away from naked flames.

Stop, drop and roll!

Keep your little ones even safer by ensuring they know how to STOP, DROP and ROLL should their clothing catch alight. Make sure you practise it with them before any celebrations begin. 
If clothing catches fire, remember to…
  • STOP where you are. Running around will only make the flames bigger…
  • DROP onto the floor lying flat with your legs out straight…
  • And ROLL! Keep rolling over and over again until the flames are out. 
Quick thinking and actions when the worst happens could help prevent more serious injuries. 

Click here to download our Halloween Safety leaflet