Avon Fire & Rescue Service doesn’t want to spoil the treats to be had on Halloween but we want to warn people of the potential dangers that can be faced from fire.

Halloween - fire safety tips:

  • It is far safer to use flickering LED candles than real candles in pumpkins and as part of displays.
  • Make sure that fancy dress costumes and masks are labelled as flame-resistant.
  • Don't use flammable materials to make home-made costumes. Be especially careful about using bin liners as capes
  • Keep children away from naked flames and don’t let them carry lit candles or lanterns with a real candle in them.
  • If you must use candles make sure they are securely placed in a correct holder away from curtains, cushions and draughts in a place where they are not likely to be knocked over.
  • Make sure candles are extinguished when you go to bed.
  • If you are using decorative lights in your home, ensure that electricity sockets are not overloaded and that they’re switched off at the socket at night. If clothing catches fire - stop, drop and roll.

In the event that clothing does catch fire - remember to STOP, DROP and ROLL:

  • Stop where you are. Do not run. Running can make things worse.
  • Drop to the ground. Lay flat with your legs out straight.
  • Cover your eyes and mouth with your hands.
  • Roll over and over and back and forth until the flames are out.
  • Get help straight away.

Candle fire safety tips:

If you do plan to use candles, here are some safety tips to use candles safely:
  • Always extinguish candles before moving them.
  • Always use a suitable holder when burning candles
  • Keep clothes and hair away from the naked flame.
  • Candles should always be sited out of the reach of children and pets.
  • Put candles on a heat-resistant surface (note - TVs are not fire resistant objects).
  • Extinguish candles before you leave a room and never go to sleep with a candle still burning.