People with hearing difficulties

Here are a few useful tips to consider if you have hearing difficulties:

  • If you have a hearing difficulty you can get a smoke alarm which uses a strobe light and vibrating pads. Alternatively consider linking the alarm system, which can alert you to any danger.
  • In the event of a fire, if it is difficult for you to call 999 yourself, ask a neighbour to do it for you.
  • You can now make use of the SMS text messaging service to alert us to an emergency. You can read more about the Emergency text service here.

Useful links and information

999 BSL Video relay service - The UK’s first ever emergency relay service in British Sign Language (BSL). This service enables deaf BSL users to make calls to all emergency services that are relayed both ways through a BSL interpreter . It is available 24 hours a day and can be used to reach all emergency services. To use the service, download the app to your phone.

Emergency Text Service- The emergencySMS service lets deaf, hard of hearing and speech-impaired people in the UK send an SMS text message to the UK 999 service where it will be passed to the police, ambulance, fire rescue, or coastguard. 

Action on Hearing Loss – The largest charity for people with hearing loss in the UK.

British Deaf Association  - The UK's leading membership organisation and registered charity led by Deaf people, for Deaf people.

Centre for Deaf  and Hard of Hearing People - (Bristol and South Gloucestershire) – Local organisation working to create fair access and improve the quality of life for all people with hearing loss, including an equipment service. 

Vision North Somerset – Equipment service and practical help for people with hearing loss.

DeafPlus(Bath) - Information, advocacy, advice, including equipment solutions, social groups and one-to-one support.

Action on Hearing Loss - have published a helpful factsheet about Smoke Alarms for people with hearing loss.