Useful tips

Tips on completing and submitting your application

Don’t send your CV as an alternative – By completing our application form you are helping us to find the information we need when deciding to invite you for interview.

Do you need the application form and guidance in a different format? If you do, contact us and we will do our best to help you.

Read the job advertisement  – This will contain information about how to apply for the job and include the closing date for applications and interview dates.

Take time to read the job description – The job description outlines the main duties of the job and the skills, qualifications, personal qualities and experience required to do it. You should then be able to demonstrate how you meet those requirements.

Take a look at our website – Researching the organisation will give you a better idea of what we do, how the job you are applying for fits into our structure and the service we provide.

Check the instructions – For example, whether you have to write in capitals or fill in the form in black ink only.

Print your words clearly – If you are writing your application, write as legibly as possible or in capitals if you are unsure.

Write a draft before you fill in your application – Take a copy of the form before you fill it in, and prepare a draft before you complete the application you wish to submit. You’ll have a limited amount of space in which to write your answers and you may want to edit them before writing your final application.

Answer all questions – Don’t leave any sections blank. If a question does not apply to you, write ‘not applicable’.

Include the job reference number – You will find this on the job advertisement and job description.

Are there any gaps in your employment history? – Say what you were doing during that time, for example, you may have been travelling or dedicating your time to raising your children.

Include skills that you have developed outside work –  If you’re applying for a job that you haven’t done before, transferable skills could help you show us that you have the skills we are looking for. Your experience does not have to be work-based, but can be drawn from home life, social activities or voluntary work.

Proof-read your application –  Before you submit your application check it for errors and make sure you have signed and dated it. You may wish to ask a friend or relative to check it for you too.

Keep a copy of your application – You may wish to refer to it before your interview.

Make sure your application arrives on time – All applications must be received by noon on the closing date. If you are posting your application allow plenty of time for delays and make sure you have applied sufficient postage. If you are delivering your application by hand make sure the person you give it to can get it to the Recruitment Team on time.