South West Command Development Centre

The South West Command Development Centre (SWCDC) located in Lansdown near Bath, is a high-tech centre for command training and incident simulation.

The centre's main functions are incident command training, assessment, and personal development. The centre is also used as a meeting & conference centre.

Learning and development is carried out within a safe learning environment, using a full range of command simulation tools, including 'XVR’ and ‘Hydra'.

‘XVR’ scenarios are designed to provide incident commanders with a safe training environment as close to a real incident as possible, focusing on local risks and tailor made training scenarios to challenge incident commanders.

The Immersive learning tool ‘Hydra’ allows any decision making subject to be explored and provides pupils with a dedicated learning experience focusing on decision making and exploring reasons why those decisions were made at the time. Tailored classroom presentations and discussion forums can also form part of the training if required.

The SWCDC has a wide range of briefing, interview, examination, presentation and group discussion rooms available with full multimedia facilities. Fully trained staff can assist in planning and running assessment and development events.

The SWCDC has also been designed to be used as a comprehensive and flexible conference venue, providing a wide range of facilities from syndicate and meeting rooms, to an 82-seat conference centre.

All rooms are equipped with IT equipment including Smartboard projection systems for presentations. Catering can be provided to suit all needs and there is onsite parking for approx. 60 vehicles.

For further information regarding the facilities at the SWCDC, please click here.

For cost information & bookings please contact a member of the SWCDC Customer Service Team on 0117 926 2061 extension 6500 or email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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South West Command Development Centre
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