Our services

As well as responding to emergencies, we provide a range of services aimed at protecting the community and preventing accidents from happening. You can find details about the services we offer below.

Firefighter educating a class of school children about fire safetyDementia Safeguarding Scheme

As part of the Dementia Safeguarding Scheme we, alongside other emergency service partners, have created a wristband to help protect and safeguard those vulnerable people with dementia in our society.

Dementia Safeguarding Scheme

Firefighter educating a class of school children about fire safetyEducational Services

Working with teachers and schools is an important part of our community safety work. Our Educational Services section provides details about the services we offer.

Read more about the educational services we offer

Image of a fire hydrant plateFire hydrants

Fire hydrants play an important role in protecting our community. In the event of a fire they give firefighters access to the mains water supply, so it's important that they remain accessible at all times.

Read more about how we use fire hydrants and how to report a faulty one

Image of someone learning at a computerFire Safety: Practitioner Training Sessions

Do you work in health or social care and regularly engage with vulnerable people in our community? We can provide free training to help practitioners understand the risk and dangers of fire for those most vulnerable.

Read more about our free course here

Firefighter advising a woman on fire safety in her homeFiresetters

Contact us if you have concerns about a child

Read more about our Firesetters scheme.

Firefighter advising a woman on fire safety in her homeHome Fire Safety Visits

We visit the homes of the most vulnerable people in our community to help them stay safe from fire.

Read more about Home Fire Safety Visits and how you can apply

Graphic of a fire safety leaflet depicting a hous with people in itSafety advice resources

The majority of fires in the home can be avoided by some really small changes to lifestyle. We provide lots of advice and information about how you can keep you and your loved ones safe

Read more about our safety advice resources

Firefighters sat infront of large computer screen planning how to react to an emergencySouth West Command Development Centre

The South West Command Development Centre (SWCDC) near Bath, is a high-tech centre for command training and incident simulation.

Read more about the SWCDC