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Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire & Rescue Services (HMICFRS) is an independent body that represents the public interest.  It assesses and reports on the efficiency and effectiveness of the police forces in England and Wales and, from 2017, the 45 fire and rescue services (FRSs) in England.

In assessing the effectiveness and efficiency of each FRS HMICFRS looks at three key areas:

  • how effective is the FRSs at preventing, protecting against, and responding to fires and other emergencies
  • how efficient are they; and
  • how well they look after the people who work for them.

In the summer of 2018 HMICFRS inspected Avon and 13 other FRSs; the associated reports were published by HMICFRS in December of that year.  In addition to the 14 individual FRS inspection reports HMICFRS also published a summary of the findings across all these inspections. Following receipt of our report we put together an action plan to address the recommendations and suggested improvements identified in our report.

Below is a list of the key documents associated with the inspection, click on each line to access the document:

A summary of HMICFRS’ 2018 assessment of Avon’s performance against the three key areas and their associated sections is shown below:

Effectiveness Requires improvement
Understanding the risk of fire and other emergencies Good
Preventing fires and other risks Requires improvement
Protecting the public through fire regulation Inadequate
Responding to fires and other emergencies Requires improvement
Responding to national risks Good
Efficiency Requires improvement
Making best use of resources Requires improvement
Making the fire and rescue service affordable now and in the future Good
People Inadequate
Promoting the right values and culture Inadequate
Getting the right people with the right skills Good
Ensuring fairness and promoting diversity Inadequate
Managing performance and developing leaders Requires improvement