Emergency Services work together on multi-rope training exercise

Avon Fire & Rescue Service (AF&RS) Rope Rescue Teams joined Police, Ambulance and HART Paramedic colleagues at annual multi-rope training exercise, demonstrating the potential of Service collaboration in incident responses.

Last month, crews from Temple and Hicks Gate took part in the annual multi-rope training day at Sandford Quarry, Churchill. AF&RS new drone team joined the training day which proved to be a valuable tool for search and rescue, working particularly well with rope rescue teams during the training.The drones’ ability to live stream images to incident commanders on the ground and remotely is an incredibly valuable tool and after testing at the training exercise, the drone will now be utilised at rope rescue incidents in the future.

The event was the first time all rope rescue teams from AF&RS worked together, including Temple Fire Stations Rope Rescue Team and Turntable Ladder alongside Hicks Gate Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) line access and casualty extrication skills.

Gareth Lloyd, AF&RS Station Manager, said: “The major benefit of having both technical rescue stations working closely together at this scenario was the ability to support our HART paramedic colleagues most effectively. With paramedics responsibility for casualty care, this exercise allowed us to work together to get the paramedics to the causalities on the face of the quarry cliff to provide immediate critical care.”

Crews successfully used all equipment and techniques available to complete a number of complex rescue scenarios from the quarry, at heights of up to 75 metres. The collaboration and integration of the teams more widely are currently being explored by the Services Technical Rescue Team.

Gareth added: “Multi-agency training exercises like these are an excellent example of the potential collaboration, within our Service and with our emergency service colleagues. I’m really pleased with the outcome of this training exercise, and I am confident we will work together effectively in future joint responses.”