Blagdon couple thanked for 20 years of caring for fire station gardens

A couple from Blagdon who have been tending the gardens surrounding the fire station in the village for over 20 years were thanked during a visit to their home by the Chairman of Avon Fire Authority and Chief Fire Officer of Avon Fire & Rescue Service (AF&RS).

On Wednesday 16 November, Councillor Peter Abraham, Chairman of Avon Fire Authority and Chief Fire Officer, Kevin Pearson visited Peter and Jenny George to offer their personal thanks.

The couple were presented with a few gifts in recognition of all their hard work over the years.

Councillor Peter Abraham said: “This was a fantastic opportunity to meet some of the amazing people in our community who work behind the scenes supporting the Service.”

Chief Fire Officer, Kevin Pearson, said: “I was delighted to personally come to Blagdon and meet with Mr and Mrs George who even invited us into their home.

“I wanted to offer my gratitude for their work which has kept the fire station looking so colourful and well looked after for many years.”

Some of the more labour intensive work will now be completed by the landscape team but the couple will still want to help with the gardening when they can.