Firefighters launch ‘Park Wise’ campaign in Weston-super-Mare

Avon Fire & Rescue Service (AF&RS) has launched a ‘Park Wise’ initiative in Weston-super-Mare designed to reduce the number of deliberate vehicle fires in the area.

The campaign has been launched to encourage car owners to take extra time when parking their vehicles to discourage potential arsonists.

It is being supported by Weston College and Weston General Hospital.

In 2015/16 AF&RS attended 376 deliberate vehicle fires and since April 2016 there have been 55 deliberate vehicle fires in North Somerset.

Deliberate vehicle fires put the public and firefighters at risk and call upon our resources.

Weston-super-Mare Station Manager, Lee Wright said: “To reduce the risk to vehicles, drivers are advised to park in a well lit busy area, avoid parking in isolated areas, secure all windows and doors and to not leave personal belongings in view.”

Top tips to ‘Park Wise’

  • Wherever possible park in a well lit busy area or secure car park covered by CCTV. Avoid parking in isolated areas or where your vehicle could be a target
  • Ignition keys should never be left unattended in your vehicle even for a few seconds
  • Secure all windows and doors and do not leave personal belongings in view
  • Early reporting of suspicious or abandoned vehicles via the Car Clear hotline. Call 0800 083 5115 to have the vehicle removed before they are targeted

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