Crews tackle fire at disused school

Elton Road, Clevedon

Firefighters have tackled a fire which broke out inside a disused school.

Crews were called to the site after members of the public reported seeing smoke coming from the building. Firefighters from Clevedon were first on scene where they were faced with a developed fire. They then called for backup from additional fire stations. 

At the height of the incident six fire engines as well as a turntable ladder and a command unit were on the scene, with around 40 firefighters involved in tackling the blaze. Firefighters in breathing apparatus made their way inside the derelict building which had become completely filled with smoke from the fire. 

Crews were able to locate the fire in one room of the building before using hose reels and jets to bring the fire under control. During the incident Elton Road was closed as hoses were running from the nearby Marine Lake which provided a water supply to tackle the fire.

When the main fire was extinguished firefighters then made a full search of the building to check for any ‘hot spots’ which could reignite. Crews remained on scene until around 10pm damping down.

The cause of the fire will be investigated.